Birth Doula Support


Birth doula support as below is $1600 


Phone / text / email support during pregnancy until birth

2 – 3 antenatal visits at your home 

1 antenatal visit with your midwife if you wish


24/7 on-call time from 38 weeks until your baby is born

As a birth doula, my role is to support the birthing person, their families & birth team when they are in labour, from whenever I am needed until a few hours after birth. 

Doulas are NOT medically trained & DO NOT preform medical tasks. A Doula provides support in an emotional & practical way

I am able to provide support to others that my be part of your family or birth team, your partner, mother or mother-in-law, older / younger children or siblings. These crucial team members are on their own emotional journey & can benefit from support too. 

As your Doula I will NOT make decisions for you but I will help to support you to access the information that you may need to make your own informed decisions


A postnatal visit a couple of days after birth to check in

Birth debrief at a later stage (up to 6months after birth)


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